Kentlands Real Estate Report

Kentlands home prices are rising but not as fast as they used to. Kentlands, in Gaithersburg, is a new urbanist community of varied traditional architecture, lakes, parks, close-by retail and active community services. The Kentlands Real Estate Report(c) tracks sales of over 550 properties between January 2012 and June 2017. This specific publication features the neighborhood of Old Farm. The report looks at median net sales, net price per square foot, tax assessed value, days on market and other factors in the several neighborhoods (districts) that comprise Kentlands. Other chapters will show trends in Gatehouse, the Hill, Midtown, Lake, Upper Middle Lake and Tschiffely Square Road districts as well as reports on Kentlands townhomes, detached homes and condos. To get a report for your specific area of interest, contact Steve Longley at The Faulkner Team, To download, click here: Kentlands Real Estate Report РOld Farm Aug 2017

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